Welcome! Here you'll find Verklagekasper's free VST plugin instruments and effects.
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Sonitarium Sonitarium v1.3 VST
Tetra Tetra v1.2 VST
Miffi Miffi v1.1 VST
Moppeltron Moppeltron v1.1 VST
So you want to play one of the synths presented here, but don't know how? Well, you need a so-called "host" program that's able to play VST plugins. I found Cantabile to be a nice little host that will quickly let you hear VSTi synths live. The lite version is free. Here's how it goes:

  1. Download any of the *.zip installation packages of the synths above, unpack it, and put the *.dll file into some folder on your drive.
  2. Go to, download CantabileLite and install it.
  3. Start Cantabile.
  4. Go to the "Racks and Plugins" section, click "New Plugin", then "Choose File/Plugin". Select the*.dll file that you stored in step 1.
  5. Play the keyboard. You should hear sound now.
  6. You can select different instrument presets in the "Program" section . Or click on the synths name to open its GUI and experiment with the synthesizer directly.

2016-01-21Release of Sonitarium v1.3a (Windows XP fix)
2016-01-20After a seven year break from plugin development, Verklagekasper releases Sonitarium v1.3:
  • Upgraded to Synthedit1.1.
  • New Skin.
  • Increased maximum number of oscillators from 100 to 200.
  • 10 new presets.
Sonitarium 1.3
2009-10-16 Sonitarium sound that I made for a friend's Yoga sessions.
okamanokamome_short.mp3 (1.6MB Preview)
okamanokamome.mp3 (Warning: 18.3MB in size, 10 minutes long!)

I also made a clip with this sound:
Jelly Trip Experience
2009-03-02 Made a video clip. Music done with Sonitarium.
(Edit: Here is the rerendered Full-HD version, 2011-10-23)
Psychedelic Blob
2009-01-25 Release of Tetra v1.2 (multi-core fixes and other improvements)
2009-01-17 Release of Sonitarium v1.2 (Speed and multi-core improvements)
2008-04-05 Release of Sonitarium v1.0a (Fixed retrigger bug).
And another sounddemo: okamanokamome_short.mp3  (One instance of Sonitarium playing, no effects.
The full (10 minute) version of "Okama no Kamome" can be found here.)
2008-03-20 Sonitarium is featured in issue 61 of Music Tech Magazine (DVD).
2008-02-21 I revealed the synthesis technique of Tetra and Sonitarium. Furthermore, I described how to derive the classic DSF formula. Feel free to read my article The Math behind DSF Synthesis if you're interested.
2008-02-14 runagate made some great new presets for Sonitarium: Check them out!
2008-02-13 Release of Sonitarium v1.0.
2008-02-12 Sound demos of my new upcoming synth:  stdemo.mp3 stdemo2.mp3
2007-08-21 Uploaded a YouTube video, music all done with Tetra and some reverb.
2007-08-08 Tetra, Miffi, and Moppeltron are featured in the 09/2007 issue of Japan's DTM magazine (DVD).
2007-04-05 Release of Tetra v1.0a (Fixed the pitch bend knob)
2007-04-02 Release of Tetra v1.0.
2007-02-11 Working on a new synth. Here's a first sound demo: demo1.mp3
2006-08-08 Miffi is featured in the 09/2006 issue of Japan's DTM magazine (DVD).
2006-02-07 Just for fun. Video displaying the Miffi sound on a stereo oscilloscope: miffistereo.wmv
2006-02-01 Miffi is featured in the 02/2006 issue of "Estrada i Studio" magazine (CD-ROM).
2006-01-15 Release of Miffi v1.1. Changes:
  • Fixed crash when the modulation frequency was zero and the center frequency exceeded 22kHz.
  • Improved CPU check to avoid crashes on older machines.
  • New background image.
2006-01-04 Release of Miffi v1.0.
2005-12-31 Miffi (the synth formerly known as Merkel) is nearly finished. I just have to prepare some presets. Here's the last demo before the release (probably this week). Five presets ran through an arpeggiator, no effects:
2005-12-16 Another Merkel demo. All instruments are instances of Merkel, no effects but soft-clipping have been applied.
2005-12-05 A sound sample of the synth I'm currently working on (working title: Merkel). Right now it's far from finished, but I already implemented the oscillator core employing complex number arithmetic to achieve a more generalized form of DSF synthesis:
2005-05-07 Release of Moppeltron v1.1. New features/changes:
  • MIDI-CC support plus MIDI learn function
  • Adjustable pitch bend range
  • Improved performance.
  • Increased polyphony from 8 to 16
  • Increased preset bank size from 64 to 128
Your Moppeltron v1.0 presets will also work with v1.1.
2005-04-02 Release of Moppeltron v1.0.

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