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Povray Gedöns
Povray is a free tool that creates photo-realistic images of 3D scenes using a rendering technique called ray-tracing.When the user wants to render a scene, he has to describe it in a scene file written in Povray's script language. The scene file contains information on 3D objects, on lighting, and on the camera used in the scene. With this file as input, Povray renders an image of  the scene described. Povray's script language is powerful enough to code complex scenes as well as animations.

The links below lead to scripts, scene files, and tips by me that you may find useful to use in your scenes.
Scripts for Parallel Rendering of Animations
How to render an animation with several instances of Povray running at the same time. With scripts for Windows and Linux.

Displaying Video Clips in your Scene
An .inc file that makes it easy to embed image sequences in your scene. With smooth frame rate conversion.

Video Gedöns
Dish Washer

Sleeping Aid - Dish Washer Sound

This is the sound of my Electrolux dish washer. Serving as a sleeping aid, it cancels noisy neighbors and street noise. 

dishwasher.mp3  (Size: 28.3 MB, Bitrate: 256kb/s)

2012-09-15, Length: 15:00
Ghost Hunting Flashlight Trick

Ghost Hunting Flashlight Trick: Physical Eplanation and Experiments

Some ghost hunters use a flashlight to communicate with ghosts. Typically, the performing ghost hunter turns the flashlight's head to a position where the lamp easily goes on or off by the slightest touch. Then the ghost hunter puts it on a table or on the ground and starts asking questions. Eventually, the flashlight seems to respond by going on or off. The questioning goes on, and the flashlight keeps going on and off without any noticable force affecting it. The ghost hunters claim that the flashlight is operated by a spirit.

But there is a physical explanation for the flashlight repeatedly going on and off by itself. The video below presents experiments with the Mini Maglite 2-Cell AA (Xenon), which happens to be the model used in the TV-Show "Ghost Hunters" that made the trick popular. Experimental results and considerations of contact physics reveal that the trick is actually caused by a heat cycle.

In particular, the cycling is caused by the flashlight's reflector expanding under the heat of the lamp and contracting when the lamp is off, thereby breaking or making contact as it is reducing or increasing pressure on the switch. The long and distinct on and off phases of the cycle are caused by complex events on the contact surfaces. First, when the lamp is off, some pressure is required to break the insulating layers of oxide and other debris that cover the contact surfaces. The lamp stays off until the reflector contracted far enough so that the spring in the tail cap inflicts enough pressure on the contacts to break the oxide layers. When the layers break, the first point of electric contact overheats, melts and spreads, and the contacts get welded together. As the lamp goes on, the reflector starts expanding from the heat of the lamp. It expands until it generated enough force to break the welded spot. Depending on the quality of the weld, the lamp either goes off quickly, as the contact surfaces jump apart, or it goes off flickering, as a bridge of molten metal is formed between the contacts which burns out. After the lamp goes off and the contacts start closing again, it takes some time to remake contact. Because if the surfaces jumped apart when the welded contact spot broke, the resulting gap needs to be closed again. In any case, pressure on the contacts needs to be built up again to break the oxide layers, which either grew back instantly after the weld broke or which got even worse by the oxidization and degredation of the liquid contact bridge. As contact is remade, the cycle starts again.

2012-03-25, Length: 21:12
Alien Club Vision

Alien Club Vision

The pareidolia of an alien colored dance club explored in a psychedelic full HD trip clip with experimental dub step music.

2011-12-30, Length: 5:13
Psychedelic Blob

Psychedelic Blob - Remastered [1080p Full HD]

New version of my Psychedelic Blob clip, rendered in Full-HD. Animation done with Povray. Music done with my Sonitarium synth and a vocoder.

2011-10-23, Length: 7:39
Single frames from this clip:
Trippy Dancing Fluid Girl

Trippy Dancing Fluid Girl

A dancer in a tank of psychedelically twirling fluid. A High Definition computer animation made with a fluid simulation engine I coded in Java, using iClone and MVTools (AviSynth) for animation input. Music made with FL-Studio.

2011-08-30, Length: 4:00
EMMWITB: Answer the Door


Answer the Door

The citizens of EMMWITB enjoy romance and tobacco (not necessarily in that order). A crazy animation clip.

2010-04-02, Length: 6:52
Creating EVP

Creating EVP through Ultrasound

This clip demonstrates how to fabricate Electronic Voice Phenomena through modulated ultrasound, without manipulating the recorder or the recorded sound files. It is shown how to prepare an inaudible ultrasound sample and then record that sample with digital and tape recorders, making it audible again. The approach presented here is based on digital aliasing and nonlinear distortion.

2009-12-24, Length: 8:50
Yokohama Morphing Walk

Yokohama Morphing Walk (new version)

Morphing zoom walk through Yokohama, from Chinatown to Minatomirai to Yokohama Station in 4 minutes. Video by me and music by myself - with my free synth Tetra.

Made with Sqirlz Morph.
2007-08-20, Length: 4:20
Jelly Trip

Jelly Trip Experience - 3D Computer Art (HD)

Shape, color, and sound in perpetual jelly motion, inspired by the hypnotic continuity of lava lamps.
A long High Definition animation made with Povray. Music made with my Sonitarium synth., while I was in Japan.

2009-10-17, Length: 10:07
UFOs over Paderborn

UFOs over Paderborn / Germany

12th April 2009, near dawn.

2009-04-12, Length: 0:39
Cube Planet

Cube Planet

My first animation done with Povray. Non-linear transformations are gradually applied to force a cube shape on every object. Music done with  my Sonitarium synth.

Made with Povray.
2009-01-11, Length: 0:57

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